Nevaeh Sky Ranch, Clinton, NC

Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity INC. History

Kappa Lambda Chi was founded on July 4, 2013,on the Nevaeh Sky Ranch in Clinton, North Carolina, as an alternative to traditional Greek letter organizations for male service members. It is the very first Greek-lettered fraternity established and incorporated by U.S. Armed Forces men. Fraternity members currently serve or have previously served their country honorably in all branches of the United States Military.

Since 2013 Kappa Lambda Chi has remained focused on accentuating the positives of its members while striving to enhance the inherent qualities that all men possess. The following aspirations best describes that evolution:      

A Lambda Man is known to be a Thinking Man.     

A Lambda Man continues to Evaluate and Reevaluate.     

A Lambda Man makes every effort to be Creative.    

A Lambda Man strives to be a Man of Action.

Kappa Lambda Chi members support veterans in need in and around their local communities through volunteer service. Members work with homeless shelters, abuse centers, children centers, and other organizations that provide hands on support to organization that do not receive the support from external sources. Members also honor those who have served by placing wreaths on the graves of veterans and service members in each branch of the military including Merchant Marines, prisoners of war and those named missing in action.

Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Incorporated was built as an alternative for male service members whom want to become a part of a Greek letter organization. The three founding members: Sir Zachary D.S. Wyatt II (Air Force Veteran), William Dickey (Army Retired), James K. Jackson (Army Retired) took pride in the development of the first Greek-lettered military fraternity and created a unique Brotherhood for both past and present members of the United States Armed Forces.